2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!
The Writers' Greenhouse
2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!

Creative writing courses for adults




Meddling with Poetry
FEB–MAR 2022
Explore a variety of poetry forms and approaches
Story Elements course
Explore the structure and key elements of stories.
Summer of Writing workshops
Summer Saturdays
Add your ideas and requests for the 2022 one-day workshops.
Writing in Style
OCT-NOV 2022
Explore your writing styles and stylistic choices.
Imaginary Worlds
FEB-MAR 2023
World-building to create or enrich your imaginary worlds.
Starting Points
OCT-NOV 2023
An introduction to multiple forms of creative writing.


Practical Details

All courses and workshops are running online, until further notice.

To book:

Email me to book your place or for more details.

Visit each course page for that course's dates, costs, and other details:

Conservatory in daylight with tables set up Premise circles Felt-tips, grapes, sharpies, scissors, and sequins The conservatory at night with fairylights Collage of colourful decor for the magical realism workshop Three hands reaching in to brainstorm on one sheet Grapes and handouts on a table Tables, plants and paintings - the workshop space for summer workshops Handouts on pale yellow paper rolled and tucked into jars, with instructions tied on with string Writing on coloured post-it strips Collage of differently coloured handouts in jars and lying on the table

What you get on the courses & workshops

  • practical guidance and help with various aspects of writing
  • creative approaches for your own writing and activities to try ideas out – not formulae
  • feedback on your writing: individual feedback on 3 2000-word assignments across the Story Elements course; 2 2000-word assignments on the Imaginary Worlds course and Starting Points course; 2 poetry assignments on the Poetry course
  • handy little booklets with a summary of each session's learning-points and activities (colour-coded, naturally!)
  • a wealth of original activities designed specifically for the courses and workshops to apply to your own writing
  • story plans: in the final class of the Story Elements course, we share out the "Plot Bank" so everyone leaves with rich, developed stories to work on and a sheaf of ideas; on the Imaginary Worlds course, you develop at least two stories with potential for a host more.
  • qualified, experienced teacher with 6000+ hours of teaching experience

Email for more info or to book a place.

What my students say

  • "The course is a pleasure week after week."
  • "I never expected the course to make me laugh. It's been fun, funny, far more helpful than I'd anticipated, very stimulating and really inspiring. Plus it's helped me take my writing more seriously."
  • "Really loving time spent with the group and the course is everything I expected and more."
  • "I love having people to speak to about writing and being able to speak to someone experienced in the field. Also, having a reason to write every week (rather than just for me) makes it easier to set time aside."
  • "Genuinely have had a fantastic and stimulating time on this course. I think the online description is very accurate - all the emphasis is on the creative process and not the painful writing bit - which becomes about capturing the ideas - very freeing!"
  • "I've really enjoyed the social aspect of the group, as it's the first time I've been able to socialise with people who are as interested in writing as I am."
  • "I have attended several writing workshops over the years and this one-day workshop was by far the most enjoyable and useful. "
  • "I can't recommend this course enough. Megan is a great teacher and the structure of the Story Elements course really gets into the important part of writing a novel - storytelling. "

Read more student feedback and Daily Info reviews here.

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