The Writers' Greenhouse

Team workshops and creative development

Get your team working together creatively, enthusiastically, and with heaps of laughter, in a warm and supportive atmosphere. I’m a highly experienced facilitator with an engaging style, specialising in storytelling, creativity, and collaboration.

  • Team-bonding workshops
  • Creativity sessions
  • Storytelling skills
  • Industry-update sessions for teachers

The Sessions


Sessions can be one hour, half-day, or full-day, and can cater for any number of participants from 4 to 100+. They can be held on-site, online, or as an away-day in one of Oxford's gorgeous colleges, as suits.


Choose from the topics below or contact me to discuss something specific to your team.

Storytelling Skills

Discover the core elements that make any story gripping and memorable, and create the stories your team wants to share.


Drawing on top creativity research, explore playful challenging activities to create new ideas and explore the creative process.

Team-bonding Sessions

Working together to create new ideas and stories does wonders for relationships, insights, and shared respect. Through a playful, thoughtfully structured process, create new stories together.

Industry-update (Bespoke)

Get a session designed around your Scheme of Learning's key skills and topics, showcasing take-home teaching approaches to remotivate staff and students alike.

Email me to discuss a session for your team.

External experience

Alongside the courses and workshops I run as The Writers’ Greenhouse, and extensive one-to-one coaching, I’ve facilitated team workshops, creativity sessions, and training for other companies and organisations, for groups of 12–100+. Some of the projects I've worked on include...

Creativity with Languages in Schools Conference in London hosted by Creative Multilingualism, University of Oxford (2020)

On behalf of EWA and Creative Multilingualism of the University of Oxford, I presented two half-hour workshops, each up to 50 participants, showcasing the BirdWords materials I had created for them.

BirdWords (EWA and Creative Multilingualism of the University of Oxford) (2019)

On completion of the BirdWords materials creation project, I facilitated a half-day workshop for 25 participants, in two parts: a creativity exercise to relax and warm up participants, and explore key principles of creativity and learning; leading the participants through the BirdWords activities they’d commissioned, including opportunity to feedback and discuss them.

White October (2017)

As part of White October’s commitment to creative development and team-building, I facilitated a half-day story-building session, Story Circles, for 20 participants. This included creating and developing collaborative stories in small groups, preparing pitches for them, and sharing the pitches with members of the other groups.

Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival (2015)

As part of the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival, I facilitated a half-day writing workshop on magical realism for 12 participants, themed to support one of the exhibitions and a short-story competition.

Literary Analysis Teacher Training (2013)

Using the new French Baccalaureate syllabus for English Literary Analysis, I created and delivered a two-week intensive course to teach French teachers the new subject expertise they required. This covered the eight core themes they needed to address in their teaching, vocabulary for literary analysis of both prose and poetry, and an introduction to 37 significant classic or contemporary literary works in English. It also took them through an unseen text to replicate their students’ experience and showcase teaching strategies they could adopt.

Oxfringe Literary Festival (2012)

As part of the Oxfringe Literary Festival, I hosted a selection of students’ readings and facilitated a 1-hour Storytelling session for 50+ participants.

Doublestruck / World Class Arena (2001–2004)

As marketing support for the World Class Arena programme for gifted and talented students, I created and delivered interactive presentations of the materials and IT training to teachers countrywide, to groups of up to 100 participants.

Email me to discuss a session for your team and to ask any questions.

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