2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!
The Writers' Greenhouse
2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!

Guided Writing: From an interest to a poem

Hi everyone, and welcome to your writing session!

This is a one-hour guided writing exercise, on audio, to lead you into writing a poem. Don't worry if you've never written a poem before – you'll be guided each step of the way. It's made up of short activities (eg 5 mins) to help you focus, included in the hour. It's also designed to help you think about something different, interesting, and positive. I'll talk you through everything you're doing and tell you when to start and what to do next.

Before you start, you will need...

  • your writing pen
  • paper, including some loose sheets
  • three coloured pens or highlighters of different colours
  • whatever sippables you prefer, water, coffee, tea, etc!

When you're ready to go, press play, and enjoy.

Click here to listen


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