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Essentials of Storytelling

The Essentials of Storytelling

Fiction • 60–80 mins • Use it in 1 sitting or in 5 chunks of 10–15 mins each

Explore the essentials of storytelling, creating a story as you go, through processes which work for everything from entertaining a three year old to resolving a tricky section of a novel. Whether you've never written before or are deep in your tenth novel, these strategies will give you clear powerful principles for storytelling and creativity.

What it will help with:

  • Stuck for ideas? Are you longing to write but don’t know how to find an idea or get the story going? These essentials will give you everything you need.
  • Wrangling a novel? Are you wrestling with a recalcitrant section of your novel? These essentials will help you resolve the most frequent story problems.

All welcome:

  • All levels welcome: All my courses work for all levels: they've been tested with a wide range of students, from complete beginners to experienced and published writers.
  • Spoonie-friendly: If you need to manage your energy, I’ve got you: the course is chunked into sections, so you can do it in bits when you have the 'spoons'. Plus there's no time limit on doing the course.
  • Accessibility:If you’re hard of hearing or Deaf, visually impaired, use a screenreader, or use dictation software, all the activities and materials are fully accessible.

Your Writing Community

We need each other, as writers, for encouragement, feedback, and to share the experience. As part of the course, you get FREE membership of The Writers' Greenhouse Community:

  • The Writers’ Greenhouse Community online, to meet other writers, chat about your writing, and ask any questions
  • The monthly Writing Boost sessions on Zoom to meet other writers, reflect on the process, and ask any questions
Colourful class materials including felt-tips, scissors, and grapes

Behind the Course

This course began life as a taster session to encapsulate 12 years of teaching creative writing. I wanted something that would work for total newbies and also help my most experienced students. I chose the core essentials which everyone needs for stories to work and which I return to most often in my own novels. I added some deeper info on narratives which none of my other courses or workshops cover, chose the practical creative techniques which are the most universally useful, and included my best tips for the process. I hope you enjoy it!

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