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Practical creative video courses for adults, packed with games and activities to transform your writing and creative processes.

Essentials of Storytelling

The Essentials of Storytelling

Fiction 6080 mins Use it in 1 sitting or in 5 chunks of 1015 mins each

Explore the essentials of storytelling, creating a story as you go, through processes which work for everything from entertaining a three year old to resolving a tricky section of a novel. Whether you've never written before or are deep in your tenth novel, these strategies will give you clear powerful principles for storytelling and creativity.

Shifting Between Scenes

Shifting Between Scenes

Fiction 2 hours 4 sections of 2632 mins each

Shifting between scenes is an invisible skill: done well, no-one notices; done badly, readers flip back and forth through the book, baffled. The techniques to keep the reader orientated about characters, events, and time will keep your story running smoothly and hugely enrich it. And they all come together, with a few extras, to help you handle flashbacks like a pro.

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