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The best way to get updates

The best way by far to get updates about courses and workshops is the mailing list. The alternatives are in the laps of the social media gods, whose precarious whims blow us all like the wind.

  • What I'll send you: updates on courses and workshops I'm running, batches of writing prompts, plus occasional writerly things – eg places to submit writing, writerly events in Oxford, the rare blog post.
  • How often I'll email: I don't email on a regular schedule, only when I have something worth telling you. (We all get quite enough email already!) Last year I sent 18 emails total, so that's one or two a month. You can see previous emails on the mailing list archive.

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Practical details

  • I won't share your email with anyone else.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • All emails come from (via MailChimp)
  • Your email provider might hide emails in your promotions or social folder, so do check there.

Other ways to get updates

  • Facebook - probably the worst way, to be honest. It's a friendly space, but Facebook shows you about 7% of what I post, or shows each post to about 7% of the people who follow the page. By all means come hang out with me there, but don't rely on it for updates.
  • Twitter - handy because I often retweet calls for writing submissions, and Twitter doesn't actively hide my stuff from you, but tweets are leaves on a fast-flowing stream, so you might miss stuff. If you like Twitter, though, do follow me and introduce yourself so I can follow back; I like having plenty of real people in my feed!
  • Instagram - is very pretty, but not so useful, because I can't share links to new courses or submission opportunities. It's good for admiring my lovingly-crafted graphics (do admire, please, they take hours!) and remembering the courses and workshops exist. This is where I hang out the least, though.


Conservatory in daylight with tables set up Premise circles Felt-tips, grapes, sharpies, scissors, and sequins The conservatory at night with fairylights Collage of colourful decor for the magical realism workshop Three hands reaching in to brainstorm on one sheet Grapes and handouts on a table Tables, plants and paintings - the workshop space for summer workshops

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I won't share your email with anyone else. You'll get emails from me only, about upcoming courses, writing competitions, publishing opportunities, interesting articles about writing, new blog posts, and creative events in Oxford. All emails are sent via MailChimp and you can unsubscribe at any time. Add megan @ to your address book if you want to keep the emails from vanishing into spam.