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The Writers' Greenhouse Community

Free Resources for past and current students

  • The Writing Boost: Monthly Zoom sessions to give you motivation and help
  • The Online Community: Chat with fellow writers and encourage each other
  • Sending Writing Out: Up-to-date calls for submissions and help submitting your writing

These are free for all past and current students, no matter when you last did a course or workshop. You'll need to sign in when you click through to the pages, with the same username and password details as always. If you don't already have the sign-in details, email me for them.

Monthly Writing Boost Free monthly Zoom sessions to motivate and help you with your writing, on the first Monday of every month (or second when the first is a bank holiday).

Writers' Greenhouse Community A community group on Facebook to share process and encouragement, plus free weekly Writing Skills.
Sending Writing Out Upcoming calls for submissions for short fiction and poems, to inspire you to write and to send your writing out, plus a chat you can join for help with that.


Free Resources for Everyone

Writers' Links Handy links for Words Characters Places Plot World building Historical research
The Bloggery Posts on aspects of writing, Writing Skills, and the writing process and life.

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