The Writers' Greenhouse
Summer Drinks, All Welcome

Come and join me for drinks at
the Plough in Wolvercote
on Saturday 14 July
to meet me and other people who're interested in writing.

Anyone's welcome to this, so if you have friends who'd like to meet some writerly people (we are the BEST kind of people) then do bring them along as well.

How to recognise me: There are pics of my face & dress on the right-hand side (or further down, if you're on your mobile) and there'll also be a bunch of green balloons in my vicinity, because I very excitingly found somewhere that does multiple shades of green! Given the forecast, I'll be in the shade, so look for a) the shade by the willows, then b) the bunch of green balloons, and then c) the woman in the long green dress!

It's a brilliant spot in the summer and there is plenty of deep tree shade for those who like that – if the shade isn't on the tables, I frequently just carry a table into the shade! In the very unlikely event of drizzle or rain, there's always the indoors / sheltered bit of the garden.

I've love to see you there. Do RSVP if you're definitely coming (, and also feel free to just surprise me and turn up!

Summer Drinks, All Welcome

Pictures of Megan for easy identification in the wild:

My face:

Megan's face

I'm generally under this giant hat:

Megan's hat

I will be wearing this dress:

Megan punting in a green dress

And I will be at this pub:

The Plough pub in Wolvercote

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