See you soon: Summer Drinks are on Saturday 20 July
Summer Drinks, All Welcome

Come and join us for drinks on the green at
the Plough in Wolvercote, Oxford
2pm–5pm on Saturday 20 July 2024
to meet up with me and other people who're interested in writing.

Add it to your calendar.

Bright green balloons in front of the PloughEveryone's welcome to this, so if you have friends who'd like to meet some writerly people (we are the BEST kind of people) then do bring them along as well. It's usually a lovely cross-section of previous students, their friends / partners, and new people coming along to meet other people interested in writing. If you don't know anyone who's coming and you're shy, just tell me you don't know anyone, and I'll look after you and make sure to introduce you to lovely people.

How to recognise me: There are pics of me on the right-hand side of this page further down this page and there'll also be a bunch of green balloons in my vicinity.

  • If it's dry, we'll be sitting at tables out on the green in front of the pub.
  • If it's wet, we'll be on the covered decking to the right of the pub door.

Kids, dogs, sun: It's a brilliant spot in the summer, on a green between the canal, a common-ground meadow, and a little wood. If you have kids, there's plenty of space for them to run around, a rope swing on one of the willows, a tree house just inside the tiny woods on the south side of the green, and a playground in the common on the north side of the green. The pub and green are dog-friendly and dogs can run around off the leash. The beautful weeping willows have sadly had to be heavily trimmed, but they're putting forth hopeful shoots and in the meantime, all the outside tables have sun umbrellas.

Little suitcase brimming with postcards and bookmarks

Fill yer boots with goodies: I've got fresh batches of story-circle postcards and poetry rhyme-finder bookmarks which I'll bring along, so you can stock up on those. And don't be shy – printing is cheaper when you order LOTS of something, so I have LOTS, so fill yer boots. That way you don't have to treat the story postcards as too precious to use, and you can have rhyme-finder options whichever notebook or handbag you're using! (I stash them all over the place like a crazed rhyme hoarder.) I've also got extra lil coupon giveaways for you, hot off the press!

I've love to see you there. Do RSVP if you're definitely coming ( or on the Facebook event), and also feel free to just surprise me and turn up!

Pictures of Megan for easy identification in the wild:

My face:

Megan's face

I'm generally under a giant hat:

Megan's hat

I'll be wearing a green dress (but maybe not this one):

Megan punting in a green dress

And I will be at this pub:

The Plough pub in Wolvercote

The Plough, Wolvercote, Oxford

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