2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!
The Writers' Greenhouse
2021: Celebrating The Writers' Greenhouse 10 YEAR anniversary!

Amazing writery links

This is an idiosyncratic list of sites I've found useful, rather than a comprehensive one. Some of the categories lean towards US/UK info, but I've started with more general links wherever possible. If you have a great link you'd like to share, please email me so I can add it.

General history & culture

  • BBC history website, with an excellent range of eras and an interactive timeline (now archived; still available)
  • Wikipedia's timeline of inventions
  • Advertising archives from before 1900s to present day
  • Retrowow – Retro furniture, style and fashion in Britain from the 1950s to 1980s
  • The People's History – Detailed summaries of daily life in the US from the 1800s to present, including cost of living, events, fashion, popular culture (music, TV shows, etc), sport, and technology – a great one-stop shop



  • US Naval Observatory – Sun and moon data for a year, searchable
  • UK Met Office – Past weather events from 1990 onwards; climate summaries by month and season from 2001 onwards



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