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As well as my regular courses and workshops, I offer workshops by arrangement for writing groups, local societies (eg WI, history societies, etc), research groups, and company creative development and team-building.

Browse the sample workshops below or contact me to arrange a bespoke workshop for your group.

Creative Writing taster session: Premise Circles

Explore the basics of story-building with the Premise Circles game. I give a short talk about story-telling, then lead the group through the game to create their own, wildly inventive stories. This is ideal for large groups and for groups without special writing experience. This can be a 1-hour or 2-hour session.Contact me to discuss a taster evening for your group.

Other sample workshops

Characters & plots

creating richer, more complex characters character developments characters' theory of mind first-person narratives & third-person narrators unreliable / contradictory narratives multiple points-of-view and choosing points of view


premise versus plot building on a premise overview of the course's elements setting up the main plot bridging tension to carry the reader through first lines, first paragraphs, first scenes


creating a richer sense of place point-of-view place & changing perceptions
scene locations creating a richer sense of time & setting research & using signifiers attitudes within a time

Layers of meaning

your personal themes identifying & developing complex themes moral challenges personal symbolism using a plot cupboard how symbols develop avoiding the obvious

Expand your repertoire

angles, voice, personalities, and style

Creative well

process vs product, wild ideas, bombard your brain, words as playthings

The techie writer

document layout & online tools, your online presence, build your website, creating ebooks

Contact me to discuss a workshop for your group.


For workshops in Oxford:

  • Up to 12 people: £250 for a half-day workshop (approx 2.5 hours incl breaks), 450 for a full-day workshop (approx 6 hours including breaks)
  • Up to 25 people, £350 for a half-day workshop (approx 2.5 hours incl breaks), 550 for a full-day workshop (approx 6 hours including breaks)

Larger groups and workshops in other places will be quoted accordingly.

Quotes include the cost of materials and travel within Oxford.

Contact Megan to book a presentation or workshop


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