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Remote teaching

During the pandemic, all classes are running online, using a combination of physical materials posted to you, live class sessions on Zoom, and video/audio materials online. That way, we can have as much social interaction and hands-on activity as possible, while safeguarding everyone. The current Starting Points course has already moved online and the Meddling with Poetry course in May–June will run online too. The other workshops and courses will also run online if necessary.

Posted materials

Composite picture of materials being prepared for postingBefore the course, I'll post you packs of materials for your classes, in batches. This will include your usual colourful handouts, your class booklets for each session, any cards you need for hands-on activities, and any other materials you'll need.

On the left
, you can see the class materials getting prepped for the final two weeks of the Starting Points course – including paintbrushes and packets of the Special Magic Collage Glue!

I handle all materials with scrupulously scrubbed hands and wait before posting them so that any hard surfaces inside haven't been touched for 72 hours (3 days) before your pack arrives. This is in line with the NIH study indicating that the covid-19 virus can survive a maximum of 72 hours on hard surfaces. (If this advice changes, I'll adjust accordingly before the next course, in May.)

Classes on Zoom

Megan running a Zoom classThe class sessions run at the usual advertised times, on Zoom. This is a lovely and user-friendly platform that allows us all to see each other (if you're comfortable with that) and work together in a large group or multiple small groups. It feels extremely natural to use and has some lovely intuitive aspects. Some particularly useful things to know about it are...

  • It's free
  • You can use it on a phone, an iPad, a tablet, a laptop, or a PC
  • You can switch your video and your audio on and off easily, without leaving the session

What if I don't know Zoom?

Before each course, I'll run a couple of free drop-in sessions on how to use Zoom, where I'll show you round the platform and we'll practise the different features. I've already run these sessions for my current students, who're now comfortably using it for our classes.

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