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Summer of Writing: Saturday workshops

NOTE: There is now one workshop place still available, on the Hone Your Style workshop, 25 August. First come, first served. Jump to details of this workshop.

Create yourself a Summer of Writing: book a selection of workshops to inspire and develop your writing, and some time off for writing. It's the perfect time of year for writing in parks, gardens, pub gardens, and meadows - treat yourself and make it fun. If you can, I suggest you block off a full weekend for each workshop, so you can use the Sunday to write. If you can book a week or two off work, just for writing, all the better!

These full-day writing workshops are filled with creative, practical exercises. Each workshop can stand alone; the five workshops together also create a natural flow-through. All the workshops are multi-level – suitable for both beginners and experienced writers – and for most of the workshops you have the option to create new ideas or to develop a work in progress.

To book, use the booking form below the workshop descriptions. I'll send you a booking confirmation within a day or two, which will also have details of payment. Half the fee is paid as a deposit, to confirm your place; the other half can be paid on or before the workshop.

You can also read what the workshops are like and my Tips for a Summer of Writing.

NB: There is NO overlap between the Summer of Writing workshops and the other courses I run - they cover different topics and use different materials.

The Workshops

The Writng in Scenes writing workshop

Saturday 28 July: Writing in Scenes


Explore how to balance the different ingredients of a scene and ways of approaching different kinds of dramatic scenes in your story

Scenes are the building blocks of storytelling, where the story comes alive in “real-time” action. This workshop will explore how to stay focused on writing in scenes, integrating action, description, and dialogue, while keeping the story flow and avoiding filler-material. We’ll also look at how to approach the “big” scenes: action scenes, high drama, turning points, and intense emotion.

The Characters Unlike You writing workshop

Saturday 4 August: Characters Unlike You


Explore a range of ways to write characters unlike yourself and vary a story's cast, while you develop new characters to take home with you

It's an easy mistake to make all your characters too similar, especially the positive characters. When you're creating a "villain", you can gleefully invent all sorts of unusual traits. When you're writing a positive character, you can often end up making them just "normal" - ie not characterised, undifferentiated, or a cast of clones of yourself. This workshop uses a variety of approaches to help you invent characters who are most definitely NOT like you - and more than that, to sympathise with and understand them. You'll invent or develop multiple new characters in the workshop, and also gain insight into some of your own traits, to make sure those aren't replicated across all your future characters.

Orientating the Reader writing workshop

Saturday 11 August: Orientating the Reader


Move your characters and the reader easily in time & place, and deal deftly with exposition and back story

Orientating the reader is one of those invisible skills - if it's done well in a story, you'd never notice it. When it's done badly, you're suddenly flipping backwards in the book looking for a character thinking "Who the hell is this, again...?" Or flicking pages back and forth, trying to work out whether you've jumped in time or are still in the same place. Or counting the lines of dialogue to work out on earth is speaking.

This workshop looks at a range of ways to orientate the reader: reminding them who characters are, reminding them of the core tension of each story strand when you're weaving multiple threads together, moving your characters in time and place so the reader knows when / where they are without long journey descriptions, dealing with flashbacks elegantly, and exposition for back story and the details of your novel's world.

The Hone Your Style writing workshop

Saturday 25 August: Hone Your Style


Explore what makes quality prose, from Angela Carter’s richness to Margaret Atwood’s restraint, and hone your own style

Quality prose comes in dozens of different flavours, but shares a surprising number of strengths across the sweep of styles. In this workshop, you’ll explore what you value in good prose and hone your own style. We’ll cover spotting clichés and collocations, using imagery, selecting telling details, improving word choice, and pruning unnecessary words. Jump down to booking form

The Beyond First Draft writing workshop

Saturday 1 September: Beyond First Draft

** THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW WAITING LIST ONLY ** (You can still put your name down for this workshop and if anyone drops out, I'll let you know)

Once your first draft is done, what do you do? Practical tips on how to redraft, refine, and edit your story or novel

Knowing the future stages of drafting makes writing your first draft much easier - you can relax into it, not worry about it, tell yourself "I'll fix it later", and you know you will. Taking a short story through the complete process can also shed a lot of light on your novel's process. We'll start by exploring the different stages of writing, to get a good overview, then look at the principles and possible approaches for evaluating your draft, redrafting parts of scenes, and cutting it down. We'll then look at how to edit your own work: ways to do it and specific things to look for, so your work is polished and ready to send out.

This will also be useful if you're currently writing a novel and starting to feel inhibited or struggling a bit – a solid understanding of what happens after your first draft can really disinhibit the first-draft process. Taking a short story through the full process is an excellent practice, and returns you to your novel with renewed insight and freedom.


Fill out my online form.

If the form doesn't appear for you or doesn't seem to be working, you can email me at megan @ to make your booking.

Want more info? Read more about what the workshops are like and my Tips for a Summer of Writing. You can also email me at megan @ with any questions you have.

5 full-day creative writing workshops in July, August, and September


Summer Saturdays, 10am – 4pm

  • Sat 28 July: Writing in Scenes
  • Sat 4 Aug: Characters Unlike You
  • Sat 11 Aug: Orientating the Reader
  • Sat 25 Aug: Hone Your Style
  • Sat 1 Sept: Beyond First Draft


Upper Wolvercote (North Oxford). There's free parking, a great bus route (#6), and beautiful canal-side walking routes.


The workshops start at £65 each; the more you book, the less you pay per workshop.

1 workshop £65 each
2 workshops £60 each
3+ workshops £55 each

Contact me

Email me with any questions or use the form to book.


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