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Want me to run a specific workshop? Gather together some writing friends and let me know!

I always let people vote for which five workshops run in the summer – but sometimes people's favourites don't make the top five, or they can't make that date, or they're too far from Oxford to join the in-person workshops, or it's September and next summer is way too far away. So if that happens, I can run them online instead. Both the Magical Realism workshop (Winter 2021) and the Poetry as Gifts workshop (Spring 2023) ran at the request of my students, who offered to organise the minimum number of students in return for me running the workshop they chose. There's no Secret Handshake required to do this: anyone is welcome to!

What to do

  • Choose which workshop and format you and your writing friends would like from the suggestions below. To run a workshop by request, I need a minimum of six students.
  • Let me know what you'd like and I'll give you possible dates.
  • You and your writing friends pick the date.
  • Once the minimum number of students is confirmed, I'll take over to advertise the remaining places.

Possible formats

The workshops below are all full-day workshops, but they can be split in half or shortened to suit you. Some possible formats are:

  • Two half-day workshops over a weekend (either mornings, 10–12:30, or afternoons, 1:30–4:00)
  • One full-day workshop (10–4 with an hour's break for lunch)
  • One half-day workshop in the morning, afternoon, or evening

Practical details

  • Prices: online workshops are £35 for a half-day and £70 for a full day or two half-days.
  • Numbers: minimum six students, maximum sixteen
  • All levels welcome: all my courses and workshops cater for a range of experience, from beginners to published writers

Read on for the possible workshops or email me if you're ready to discuss what you'd like.

Arrange an online workshop

Possible workshops

The writing process

The Creative Well

Playful challenging activities based on top research to create new ideas and explore the creative process

Beyond first draft

Once your first draft is done, what do you do? Practical tips on how to redraft, refine, and edit your story or novel


How to present your writing for publication: where to send it, sort your layout, write synopses and cover letters, and get published


Aspects of craft

Characters unlike you

Explore a range of ways to write characters unlike yourself and vary a story's cast, while you develop new characters to take home with you


Everything from developing your characters’ voices and natural speech to layout and seamless attribution

Expand your repertoire

Writing with fresh angles, new voices, unusual points of view, experimental structures and different styles

Hone your style

Explore what makes quality prose, from Angela Carter’s richness to Margaret Atwood’s restraint, and hone your own style

Orientating the reader

Move your characters and the reader easily in time & place, and deal deftly with exposition and back story

Page Turners

How to keep the reader reading – whether you’re writing literary fiction or a pot-boiler thriller

A Sense of Place

How to choose powerful locations, create action from the setting, write description with strong narrative purpose, and enhance your descriptive writing

Tropes & Archetypes

Using tropes and archetypes effectively, avoiding cliché, and the fun of subversion

Writing in scenes

How to balance the different ingredients of a scene and ways of approaching the “big scenes” in your story


Genres and forms

The Art of the Short Story

Strategies and technques for creating powerful short stories of any genre, and extreme economy in storytelling

Getting Romantic

How to create convincing romantic relationships that matter to the plot and to the reader

Ghostly + Gothic

Explore the haunted tropes and high drama of the Gothic genres and ways to put your own unique spin on them

Magical realism

Explore magical realism’s features, whip up reams of ideas, and start writing your own magical realist pieces

Poetry as Gifts

Explore the essentials of poetry through the liberating lens of poems as gifts

Unravelling Secrets

How to balance suspense, secrets, and clues in thrillers, mysteries, and crime/detective fiction


Email me at to request a workshop.

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