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All these images can be downloaded and shared, provided they aren't changed and the logo isn't removed. Choose whatever reminders you need as wallpaper for your computer or phone, cover photos on Facebook, wherever you need it. Enjoy!

Full-screen posters & wallpaper

Whatever else is happening, writing takes you back into your secret world Free-writing is weaving cloth which you'll cut up and sew into clothes later Stop while you know what happens next At its best, art subsumes ego. Work for the creation's sake, not the creator's. Sometimes the skill isn't naming the colours but letting the objects speak the colours for you. Send stuff out

Turn over a fresh leaf

Stop while you know what happens next. Leave yourself a few notes or write the first line of the next scene. Spend 20 mins throwing your idea, character, themes, place, etc at Google images; cut and paste cool pics into Word as an image bank. Anytime you're stuck, open it for ideas. Take a scene or a section & write the same events again, from a different person's point of view. Plan to use both. Take your character's state of mind and brainstorm idioms for it. Use some of them literally, in action, as dreams sometimes do. Pick a puzzle or unresolved part of your story and take it for a long walk. Let your mind float lightly around the questions as you stride. Sleep with your main character tonight. Fall asleep wandering through their world, their head; have their dreams. Contradict something that's gone before, completely. A trait, event, whatever. Run with it, make it work. You can. What's your theme? Brainstorm all its different complex aspects, then make pairs of characters argue them out. You can do anything with the alphabet - Pieter-Dirk Uys. Break your rules today. You know those two characters you never see in the same room together...? What if they're the same person? Someone we trust opposes your protagonist - for good reasons. Convince the reader that this person is right. Today, write something completely different, in a completely different style. What have you never written? Write that. Imagine your story already exists and the answer is already there. You just need to spot it. Peer closely... Write a back-cover blurb for your story and your friends'. Camp it up, go crazy, and then swap. What do you see? Leave space to play between planning & writing; a plan is a map, not an itinerary; wander down unmapped alleys. What does each character think of the others? Go inside their heads, even if you aren't writing from their point of view. Get some felt-tips and draw your plot - a map, a flow of events, notes and arrows, whatever makes sense to you. Transform your writing space. Tidy it, fill your wall with ideas, notes, and pictures, add fairy lights: make it magical. Always allow yourself the space to play - in writing, with writing. That's where your freedom, creativity, ideas and joy live.

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